Elite Endurance Athlete, Andre Kajlich on Keeping Motivated, Overcoming Incredible Obstacles and Winning (#3)

Elite Endurance Athlete, Andre Kajlich on Keeping Motivated, Overcoming Incredible Obstacles and Winning (#3)

Andre Kajlich - Undeniably Curious Podcast

When was the last time you doubted yourself or thought that you couldn’t do something?

After listening to today’s interview, you may think twice before doing that ever again!

Today’s guest is ANDRE KAJLICH, with one of the most inspirational and motivational conversations I’ve had in the hundreds of podcast interviews I’ve done over my career.  Andre is an elite ultra athlete who overcame insurmountable challenges when he lost his legs in a freak accident.

 He has gone on to become one of the top elite ultra athletes on planet earth.  He has conquered some of the most difficult races, challenged himself in ways that most able bodied people would be afraid of, and has set his sights on some even crazier challenges going forward.  The never give up attitude has inspired countless people; to say he is inspiring is putting it lightly….

In today’s show we discuss Andre’s happiness philosophy, the importance of embracing the journey — not just the destination, why failure is essential towards success, the power of your mind to help you overcome small and incredible obstacles, how to break challenges down into small chunks, how to stop your brain from stopping you from doing those things that you’re scared of, how to overcome quitter syndrome, and much more. 

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Videos of Andre


Above: Andre climbing a mountain

Time Stamps

(0:00) Episode 3 Preview
(1:11) Introduction to today’s guest, Andre Kajlich
(4:52) Andre’s accident in Czech
(12:10) Studying abroad, in Prague
(13:23) Andre’s relationship with Sports
(14:16) The post-accident transition to connect back to society
(17:14) Andre’s most defining moment: the mental “peaks and valleys”
(20:43) The Ultraman Triathlon x 4!
(26:04) The Brazil 135 Ultramarathon story
(29:36) Andre seeks to be, “That one guy racing in the wheelchair”
(31:07) For multiple-day races, you need experience.
(35:35) Why should we (the listeners) care? // Breaking down a massive goal
(38:17) Using external negativity as motivation
(40:30) Pushing your limits in any area of life
(41:22) Loving the toughest parts of the JOURNEY
(42:42) Race Across America 2017 (3,000 miles – 12 days)
(45:59) “Failure” stories
(49:48) You have to fail to succeed
(50:11) Tackling major fatigue // Mid-race hallucinations
(54:59) Tornado warnings…
(56:52) What scares you?
(59:11) “Joyrider”, the film
(1:01:22) Andre’s children’s book (andrekajlich.com)
(1:04:54) ChallengedAthletesFoundation // “Emmanuel’s Gift”, the film
(1:11:21) Andre’s relationship with sports // “Digging in dirt”
(1:14:38) When it’s time to settle down, what will motivate Andre next?
(1:16:10) “What do you miss most about not having legs?”
(1:17:16) “Throughout the struggle, did you ever think of killing yourself?”
(1:18:37) “Did you continue to drink after the accident?”
(1:21:36) Finding happiness
(1:24:38) Your place of Zen
(1:25:38) What’s next on Andre’s agenda // @lowesthighest
(1:31:38) Final Impact: Has curiosity ever gotten you in trouble?
(1:32:53 Final Impact: Whose life would you live? What specific day?
(1:36:37) Final Impact: What would your tombstone one-liner be?
(1:37:49) Final Impact: Most impactful book?
(1:39:04) How to connect with Andre

Resources & Links

Books / Links Mentioned:

Joyrider Book


Get your copy of Andre’s book for children, Joyrider
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