Brandon Turner of BiggerPockets on Entrepreneurship, Intentionality & How to Live an Amazing Life

Brandon Turner of BiggerPockets on Entrepreneurship, Intentionality & How to Live an Amazing Life

Brandon Turner

Dive into the mind of one of the most well known personalities in real estate investing and learn about what makes him tick….

Today’s show is extra special because my guest is one of my most trusted personal friends, the guy who helped me break into podcasting – co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast and my first employee at BiggerPockets, BRANDON TURNER

As many of you may know, 8 years after founding BiggerPockets, I brought on Brandon to help me start to scale the business and he played a key role in doing just that.  We have a very unique relationship and he is more like a brother to me than anything, despite years of working very closely together.

He is one of the most creative and intentional people I’ve ever met and is one of the few people you can task to figure anything out and he’ll go do it, regardless of his previous level of knowledge. I couldn’t imagine a more important figure in my life and in the life of the company I founded and was CEO of for 14+ years.

Together, our show, the BiggerPockets Podcast garnered tens of millions of listens and was constantly amongst the top 10 in business and top 150 or so podcasts in the world. While I replaced myself a little over a year ago with the always clever David Greene, the show continues to grow and change countless people’s lives for the better.

Today we dive into many of the topics that have fascinated me about Brandon that go beyond the topic of real estate and personal finance and should provide you with a window into the man we lovingly call Beardy.

We cover items like our entrepreneurial partnership and entrepreneurship in general, the power of saying no to get to yes, what it is like to be niche famous, online privacy, how to live a worry-free life, trusting people, kindness, giving and gifting, the power of experiences, productivity, intentionality, fatherhood and much more.

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Time Stamps

(0:00) Episode 4 Preview

(1:04) Introduction to today’s guest, Brandon Turner

(3:40) Brandon’s child’s birth scare // Handling problems without stress and worry

(8:50) Fighting life’s battles

(10:46) How to not be a “worry-wart”

(11:55) How to take Extreme Ownership of your life

(15:20) True Story: Josh, Brandon, and road rage

(18:06) Always empathizing with the other person

(21:58) Brandon’s start at BiggerPockets

(33:30) How to search for the right business relationships

(36:46) Reflecting on business start-up life

(40:56) The dynamic of Josh and Brandon’s relationship // “The default no’”

(45:13) “Building bridges” // Risk-tolerance, risk-aversion

(52:15) “Brandon, why did your businesses fail?”

(57:21) The keys to being a successful entrepreneur

(1:02:55) The differentiator of the elite = Continual improvement

(1:04:53) Looking back at Brandon’s unexpected “niche-fame”

(1:13:04) The right approach to saving our kids from the dangers of social media, and other vices

(1:26:11) Brandon’s trust factor // “The Kindness Diaries”, and being worthy of goodness

(1:36:36) Doing your best to keep your ego away from doing acts of kindness

(1:40:20) The gift of giving // “When you give, you will receive more”

(1:50:10) Remembering great experiences: our life’s “peaks and valleys”

(1:54:23) Investing in experiences // Investing in materialism

(2:01:35) Different types of relationships // Goal-setting on a transformational level

(2:11:54) Improving your life with intentionality

(2:15:09) Maui’s “Little Beach”

(2:18:13) Final Impact: Has curiosity ever gotten you in trouble?

(2:20:43) Final Impact: What would your tombstone one-liner be?

(2:21:07) Final Impact: Whose life would you live? What specific day?

(2:22:35) Final Impact: Most impactful book?

(2:23:53) True story: Brandon almost gave Josh’s phone number away…

(2:26:47) Thanks for tuning in!

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3 responses to “Brandon Turner of BiggerPockets on Entrepreneurship, Intentionality & How to Live an Amazing Life”

  1. Both you and Brandon had me laughing my butt off tonight. Great Convo and you both still have such good chemistry. Continue success, Josh!

  2. Oh my gosh this was amazing to listen to. It was so good to hear you two together again. Thank you both for all the great nuggets of info in this episode. You are an inspiration!

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