Joshua Dorkin’s Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Josh Dorkin? For those of you that are truly curious, wait no longer . . . First, for those who aren’t sure how to do the math, in order to determine someone’s net worth, you need to take into consideration all assets and liabilities and put together a balance…

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Introduction to Undeniably Curious

Hey All . . . today we kick off the pre-launch of the podcast with a video on our YouTube Channel to introduce you to the show, to tell you a little more about our host, Joshua Dorkin, and to preview some of our upcoming episodes (you have to watch to find out some of…

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The Dawn of Curiousity

In November 2018 I stepped back from the day to day of my business, BiggerPockets, while bringing in new partners to help the company start a new phase of its life, and in so doing, I started a new phase of my own life. Over the last year, I’ve wondered what I’d do in this…

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