Mastering Public Speaking to Build Your Career, Business or Personal Brand with Grant Baldwin

Mastering Public Speaking to Build Your Career, Business or Personal Brand with Grant Baldwin

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Ever wanted to figure out how to better influence others to help grow your career, business or personal brand?

One of the most powerful ways to influence others is by using your voice.  Whether through the written word, social media, television, radio, podcasts or public speaking, communicating with others at scale can not only help you spread your message, but build your own personal brand and authority.

Of all of these mediums, few have the direct impact that public speaking does.

Many of you might be thinking — why would I care about listening to a show about public speaking?  

Think about it . . . whether you’re speaking in front of a classroom, presenting in front of your chamber of commerce, talking to a conference room full of colleagues, speaking at a conference, or running for public office, you’re practicing the art of public speaking.  And the better at it you get, the better your ability to influence your audience.  

What I’ve personally found is that attending events and speaking has built my name, my reputation and my business. What I’ve also found is that when my friends or employees do the same, they drastically improve their network, confidence and job prospects.

Sound interesting to you yet?

With that in mind, I wanted to bring on the show the expert of experts in the world of public speaking, Grant Baldwin. Not only has he built a business around training speakers, but he is dynamic and incredible on stage himself. He also has a brand new book out called The Successful Speaker, Five Steps to booking gigs, getting paid and building your platform. The book is awesome and we’re going to dive in on the book, speaking, and lots of other topics like how to know if it is time to find a new job, dealing with rejection, working from home, and why bucket lists are so powerful.

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Time Stamps:

(05:23) What prompted him to quit his job

(12:13) What he likes about speaking and what he got out of it

(13:32) What his first speaking gig was about and what it was like

(15:13) What it took for him to land speaking gigs

(17:13) His tips for people who are afraid of rejection

(18:32) The importance of falling in love with the process

(18:54) What differentiates people who succeed from those who fail

(20:19) The short- and long-term impacts his parents’ divorce had on him

(22:14) How he balances work and family

(23:22) The importance of setting ground rules to play by

(26:21) How he mastered the art of saying NO and why it’s important

(29:12) How he manages working from home

(31:30) One of the things he enjoys about working from home

(33:12) On his eBay purse business

(36:47) What inspired him to write his book “Reality Check”

(37:59) What his book “Reality Check” is all about

(39:04) His thoughts on pursuing a college degree

(45:24) The importance of building one’s brand through public speaking

(51:19) Why it pays to build other people up

(52:20) On his book “The Successful Speaker”

(56:07) Why you need to know the problem you want to solve and the people you want to speak to

(58:41) The key to succeeding in life

(59:35) His advice to people who don’t believe in themselves yet

(01:02:58) His thoughts on credibility

(01:04:25) How to avoid doing a bait-and-switch as a speaker

(01:06:19) Tips for people who would like to become better as a speaker

(01:07:25) The best training ground for speakers

(01:08:31) How one can get better at telling stories

(01:09:51) A powerful line speakers can use

(01:12:43) Why you need to put thought and work into your talk

(01:15:36) How you should create your talks

(01:17:36) How to deal with pre-talk jitters

(01:23:58) How to grab people’s attention instantaneously

(01:25:10) How to get people’s attention back when you lose it

(01:30:30) The best speech he has ever delivered

(01:32:12) Best speaker he’s ever seen

(01:33:32) His biggest pet peeve as an attendee

(01:35:45) On his podcast “The Speaker Lab”

(01:39:30) His bucket list

(01:43:24) One line he wants imprinted on his tombstone

(01:44:29) Person whose life he’d like to experience

(01:45:27) Non-religious book that has had the most impact on him

(01:45:55) How people can get his book

(01:46:18) How people can find him on social media

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  • The Successful Speaker: Five Steps for Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, and Building Your Platform by Grant Baldwin with Jeff Goins – On Amazon
  • Reality Check: The Student’s Guide to the Real World by Grant Baldwin –
  • Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson –

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