RockStar Sean Hurwitz from SmashMouth on the Importance of Perseverance, Struggle and Authentic Networking (#2)

RockStar Sean Hurwitz from SmashMouth on the Importance of Perseverance, Struggle and Authentic Networking (#2)

Episode Image Card Photo Credit – Candace Horgan with permission from Sean Hurwitz

Ever wanted to know what it is like to be/become a rock star?

On today’s show we have an amazing guest in Sean Hurwitz, musician, producer and songwriter. Originally from Israel where he started as a session guitarist and sound engineer, he was eventually inspired to venture out to the US to seek greater opportunities.

Currently in Los Angeles, California, Sean has had the pleasure of co-writing, producing, recording, touring and playing with such top-echelon artists as: – Smashmouth / Enrique Iglesias, Gin blossoms, Judith hill, etc.

He has written songs for shows like the Voice, Jersey Shore and Last Call with Carson Daily.

In this epic conversation, we talk about his journey across continents to follow his dream, how perseverance landed him his dream gig, the importance of authentic networking, calculated risk, the unknown struggles of musicians, and the importance of loving what you do every day. We also dive into his diet, hunting, the Low FODMAP Diet, and much more.

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Sean with Enrique Iglesias (Photo: Lior Teitler)

Above: Smash Mouth performing “Walking on the Sun”

Time Stamps

(0:00) Episode 1 preview
(0:58) Introduction to today’s guest, Sean Hurwitz
(5:24) A rockstar story: Only a few days to learn 23 songs
(7:18) The start of Sean’s music career with Smashmouth // Networking like a Rockstar
(14:42) Performing in Iraq with Smashmouth
(21:18) Authentic networking // Being able to deliver will take you far
(27:56) Inspiration from Michael J Fox & Bon Jovi // Starting with a beginner’s guitar
(31:30) Transition into becoming an audio engineer // Moving to the states
(33:40) Trusting the “You know what to do” gut feeling // Trust what makes you unique, and know your fundamentals
(40:38) A word to the average 9-5’ers
(43:19) Calculated risk
(48:11) Treating others with respect // Staying “grounded”
(55:06) Making a living as a musician (Long-term thinking)
(1:09:04) Sean’s two topics that he believes every school should teach
(1:10:56) Staying healthy (on the road)
(1:28:27) Sean’s mindset/philosophy on eating meat
(1:38:02) Touring with Enrique Iglesias // Best venue experiences
(1:42:00) Overcoming the inevitable nerves // Playing in front of 80,000 people / Public speaking
(1:47:49) The best part about fan interactions
(1:49:22) Twitter Q (@grahammcbain): What is one thing you have in common with a successful person who does something totally different than you?
(1:50:11) Twitter Q (@DaveVisaya): How do you stay creative and relevant to ever-changing needs/demands/likes of people?
(1:54:01) Sean’s mission is to perform until he reaches his 60’s
(1:54:45) You can connect with Sean through common denominators in life, and through common friends as well
(1:56:33) Sean Hurwitz x Foo Fighters?
(1:57:09) Bucket list…
(1:58:08) Is there an expiration date on an artist’s vocals?
(Sorry Paul!)
(2:01:51) Final Impact: Has curiosity ever gotten you in trouble?
(2:02:38) Final Impact: Whose life would you live? What specific day?
(2:04:06) Final Impact: What would your tombstone one-liner be?
(2:04:23) Final Impact: Most impactful book?
(2:05:32) How to connect with Sean

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